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Timo Silvennoinen

Creative, partner

"Let’s keep it interesting."

Three time Cannes winner and jury member, Timo has a certain reputation. He thinks it's more important to do the right things, than to do things right. He wants to make stuff that matters to people. Solve real problems in a way that has an effect also in the society. Choose a playground and be an active player there. Maybe introduce a few new toys on the way. Timo has worked for Finland's top agencies for over 15 years, but is still (sometimes annoyingly) enthusiastic about the business. And how to disrupt it. When Timo grows up, he is going to be a rock star.

Iina Merikallio

Creative, CEO

"As a concept designer I love to create brands that make sense. Even if it is just a feeling."

Over fifteen years in advertising, both working for big players and running her own boutique agency, Iina is still curious about finding that new idea or insight that helps creating a bullet proof concept. An idea so strong that all communication can be derived from it - a must in the fragmented media of today.
Iina works mostly with consumer and life style brands, travel and leisure industries, design and interior clients and social and urban culture related projects. Iina has a master's degree in social psychology and an uncurable travel fever, two kids and a talented spouse.