A selection of our cases

Client: HSY / garbage trucks

What happens if you give artist Jani Leinonen 650 kg of biowaste? Art happens, of course. A smelly installation and a short documentary were made to comment on the importance of waste sorting, resulting in a gigantic piece of art printed on the sides of Helsinki's garbage trucks.

Client: Client: Foreign ministry, Helsinki, Tuska & Sony / capital of metal

Finland has more metal bands per capita than any other country. But which Finnish city has the most metal bands? We wanted to celebrate heavy music and it's maker by finding The Capital of Metal of the world. Which of course is in Finland.

Client: Client: Savonlinna Opera Festival / brand identity

A brand older than Finland. New brand identity, story, tone-of-voice and visual elements for Savonlinna's famous Opera festival were created with Antero Jokinen.

Client: Stockmann

Stockmann’s loyalty program’s concept was created to showcase richness of choice and display ever changing products. w/Grow

Client: Client: Savonlinna Opera Festival / advertising 2019

For summer 2019 romance and joy themed festival we re-created the Olavinlinna castle with flowers with Antero Jokinen and lovely floral artist Laura Väinölä.

Client: Stockmann

Unwrap yourself from winter and spread your wings into spring. The department store renews itself. w/Grow

Client: Client: HSY / e-bikes

A human experiment to find out what happens when four families commit leaving the car at home and testing an e-bike for a month. Four mini-documents, four stories of happy bikers for Helsingin seudun ympäristöpalvelut.

Client: Rikosuhripäivystys

The worst nightmare of parents is that their child undergoes violence. This is an animated shortfilm about the feelings that one might encounter, how the victim might react and how to get help. w/Anima Boutique

Client: Vitra

Imagine an outdoor shopping village with the coolest brands and sunniest atmosphere. Concept and five fictitious brands, complete with logos and brand story, were created together with Joanna Laajisto for Vitra’s Euroshop stand. w/Studio Joanna Laajisto

Client: syödään yhdessä

Inviting every Finn to a share a meal, the Let’s eat together -project has over 1000 happenings from small scale social innovations to world’s largest village feast. w/Måndag

Client: Syödään yhdessä / Elo-säätiö

Let’s eat together is Elo’s massive all year long celebration (incl. world’s largest village feast) was launched with inviting strangers to share a meal in Helsinki’s central railway station. w/Måndag

Client: Pyhä

Pyhätunturi is a magical fjell in Lapland: public transport or morning rush have a totally different meaning up there. Brand work, concept and communications design. w/Agency Leroy

Client: Rikosuhripäivystys

You might have an explanation for everything, but you can’t make violence disappear. Finland’s top comedians demonstrate it for the young target audience. w/ Yellowfilm

Client: Rikosuhripäivystys

When a juvenile encounters sexual violence or harassment, the first (and often only) person they tell is a friend. And what should a friend do? An animated to-do list for victim’s friends.

Client: Kuusamon matkailuyhdistys

Branding and communication work for Kuusamo’s wilderness. Twin concept to the wintery coordinates of snow. w/Agency Leroy

Client: Innocent drinks

Keeping them juices flowing with the big little drinks company. Brand campaigns, creative promos, online, POS and b-2-b.

Client: Unicafe

The university café’s cheap lunches that are more more ethical, organic, responsible, fair- trade and of course nourishing and tasty. Edible alphabet values were created with Työnalle.

Client: Lundia

Creativity fits in a handmade wooden box. Sometimes marketing is a product. w/Agency Leroy & Studio Joanna Laajisto

Client: Lundia

From a dusty storage shelf to interior design media’s favourite. Brand work, communication concepts and implementation. w/Agency Leroy

Client: Orient Occident

Brand work and concept design for an almost 100 year old interior company, that wants to create atmosphere instead of surface. w/Agency Leroy